Evaluation of the PhD candidates (only titles) of the 39th cycle

We publish the PDF file (in italian) with evaluation of titles of the PhD candidate of the 39th cycle. Please note that, candidates are shown with their ID (each candidate should know her/his ID).

Note 1

Only candidates with a score equal or higher than 28 over 40 are admitted to the oral exam (i.e. “SUPERA LA VALUTAZIONE ” in the column “ESITO”). Candidates admitted to the oral exam will be contacted by Prof. Massimo Faccoli, the coordinator of PhD course in Crop Science, for details on the exam.

Note 2

Please note that the file is password-protected. PhD candidates should use the password they already have (The password has been already sent to the candidates after the submission of PhD application).



For more info you can contact the Head of the PhD Prof. Massimo Faccoli


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