UNIPhD Annual Network Meeting

Register here and participate in the first UNIPhD Annual Network Meeting, taking place on Friday, 9 June 2023 at the Fiore di Botta Building, in Padua.
The event focuses on “Communicating research” and challenges UNIPhD Fellows to share their project ideas with colleagues from other disciplines and to exchange perspectives and methodologies across fields of knowledge other than their own.

– A poster and a three-minute pitch competition will be at the centre of the day. Winners will be recognized a prize in the final award ceremony. 

– International speakers will share their experiences and suggestions on how to best communicate and disseminate research.

The initiative will be a great opportunity for networking and meeting the 39 Fellows recruited on the UNIPhD project, their Supervisors, UNIPhD Governing Bodies and partners, as well as local stakeholders.

Additional information is available here: https://uniphd.eu/events/annual-network-meeting2023/.
For detailed info you can also contact the Organizing Secretariat  UNIPhD (Tania Cirkic and Francesca Masetti – msca.cofund@unipd.it).

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