Cycle of lectures Dr. Dabbou Samia

Dr. Dabbou Samia (University of Monastir, Tunisia) will give a series of lectures according to the following programme:

  • 20/11/2018 – Welcome at the University of Padova / Visiting the premises of the University
    • h11:00-13:00 Delivering presentation on “Nutraceutical Compounds and harvest dates of plant fruits and vegetables” (aula 17 CG, lezione)
    • h14:00-15.30 Discussion with the research groups
  • 21/11/2018
    • 11h-13h Delivering presentation on “Peel or Flesh: which part of fruit or vegetable we should consume”(aula 20 CG, lezione)
    • 14h-16h Delivering presentation on “General Overview of the University of Monastir constitution studies allowed” through a meeting with students and the academic staff.
  • 23/11/2018
    • h11:00-13:00 Delivering presentation on “Agricultural by-products: an eventual source of bioactive compounds”(aula 17 CG, lezione).

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