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Course Structure

The course is directed by the Coordinator and the Teaching Staff.
The members of the Teaching Staff also include PhD student representatives, who are elected each year and form 15% of the total number.


The University provides an email account that must be activated in the format name.surname@studenti.unipd.itor
All communications of interest to PhD students will be made via their institutional email. The username and password issued upon activation of the email account will also grant access to the UNIWEB information system where university administrative procedures can be dealt with online.


Every year the University assigns the Course funds for running the PhD programme and for PhD students’ expenses (missions, conference enrolments, participation in seminars, etc.). These funds are managed by the Course Coordinator, and each mission or other type of expenses will be paid only if previously authorisedby the Coordinator with approval from the supervisor (complete and send facsimile attachment 1).


This insurance covers injury arising from accidental causes.
The University will make payment upon the student’s enrolment.
The policy covers injury sustained by the insured in the exercise of her/his institutional activities throughout the world. Before going abroad, do not take out insurance with other companies unless specifically requested by the host institution and in any case always contact the secretary first.
Before going abroad call into the secretary’s office to see if an additional insurance is required.

Request to undertake external work

Any external work the PhD student intends to undertake must be authorised by the Teaching Staff. The income earned must not exceed the annual amount of student grant received, otherwise the grant must be paid back.


PhD students wishing to undertake missions outside the department (for reasons related to the PhD) must:
1) obtain permission from the Course Coordinator to use doctoral funds(see facsimile attachment 1), otherwise refund may not be given;
2) hand in the request for mission authorisationform, attachment 2 (complete the first sheet, but print only the second), to the secretary’s office before leaving. This form must be signed by the person in charge of PhD programme funding (Schiavon) and the Head of Department. It is very important that the form is signed beforeleaving in order to be covered by the insurance during the mission;
3) keep all supporting documents (official receipts, not just pieces of paper) and hand them in upon return;
4) on return, complete the authorisation form with information on the mission. Enclose supporting documents and a document confirming where you have been and why (e.g. certificates of participation or attestations).
Only expenses incurred personally by the PhD student will be refunded (i.e. no refunds will be given for other people’s expenses).

For reasons related to the supervisor’s research, submit the mission to the department to which the supervisor is affiliated*

For doctoral students, only itemised expenses with receipts will be reimbursed.

Remember – receipts for one person only


Duration of mission and start date

As a rule, the mission begins the day before the start of the event at the earliest and ends the day after the event at the latest.
Proof must be given of missions beginning earlier than expected or overrunning the anticipated end in order to obtain approval for any costs incurred, especially for travel.


Approved means of transport for missions

The following ordinary means of transport may be used without the need for further approval:
train, metro, bus, plane, ship, buses, shared airport taxi services and the Department’s car. Urban taxis may be used in urgent cases or when no public transport is available.
The following are considered extraordinary means of transport:
car hire, own car. These may be only used if it is DEMONSTRATED that their use is cost efficient, or if the mission destination is not served by rail or ordinary means of transport, or if service requirements dictate urgency. If no proof is provided, a refund corresponding to ONLY the equivalent cost of a train ticket will be made.

For reasons of economy, low cost airlines are to be used whenever possible.
In order to claim travel expenses, the original travel ticket and, in the case of air travel, the boarding pass, even when purchased on-line, must be handed in.
Only original tickets and boarding passes where applicable (not copies) will be accepted and grant entitlement to reimbursement of travel expenses.


Point of departure for the mission

The mission’s departure and return point is the student’s institution, not the place of residence (unless it is more economical to take the latter as the departure and return point).



All documented expenses incurred for enrolling at a conference will be reimbursed. A copy of the certificate of participation issued by the Organising Committee, if provided, must also be attached to the claim for reimbursement.

Stays abroad and increased study grant


• If authorisation is being requested for the first time for a stay outside the home institution for a period of 6 months or less, or if any past external stay(s) and the current stay together sum up to a period of 6 months or less:
authorisation is given by the Course Director, upon the supervisor’s approval.
• If authorisation is being requested for the first time for a stay outside the home institution for a period of more than 6 months, or if any past external stay(s) and the current stay together sum up to a period of more than 6 months:
authorisation is given by the Teaching Staff, upon the supervisor’s approval.
The form to request the authorisation is available online


a. (PhD students with and without study grants)
Fill in the appropriate form, have it signed on the basis of the duration of your stay abroad and submit it to the Research Training Service (with a copy to the secretary).
b. (only PhD students with study grants)
in order to apply for the increased study grant for stays abroad of twenty or more days, the PhD student must send to the Research Training Service a letter on headed paper of the foreign university/institution and signed by the foreign representative certifying her/his attendance:
• the letter must indicate the exact dates of the stay;
• the letter must be sent at the end of the stay or every three months. Letters that subdivide long stays into periods of less than three months will not be accepted;
• the date of the letter may not be prior to the end of the period it certifies, since the certified period must already have been completed.

Place ……………, date ………..
This is to certify that ……………………….
carried out research from ____ to _____ ,
as part of her/his PhD programme in ………………. at ……………….(department…)…
Prof ….………………………

The Research Training Service will check whether the period authorised corresponds with the certified stay. The additional amount will be paid the month following that in which the complete, correct documentation is received.



Documents may be:
1) delivered in person to: Università degli Studi di Padova, Ufficio Dottorato e Post Lauream  – Settore Dottorato, Via Risorgimento 9, PADOVA
at the following times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10.00 to 12.30, Tuesday and Thursday 10.00 to 12.30 and 15.00 to 16.30
2) sent by post to: Università degli Studi di Padova, Ufficio Dottorato e Post Lauream  – Settore Dottorato, Via Risorgimento 9, PADOVA, enclosing a photocopy of current ID.
3) faxed to: +39 049 827 1934 attaching a photocopy of current ID.
4) by email to


Using the Department’s car

Prior booking is required to use the Department’s car. Go to
and please read carefully the regulations for the use of cars, which can be found on the DAFNAE website.


Requesting reimbursement of minor expenses

If you have incurred expenses out of your own pocket, you can be reimbursed for them by completing and submitting the appropriate form with proofs of purchase attached:
Proofs of purchase may be:
– a legible tax sales receipt (scontrino fiscale) for expenses of less than €100.00
Your expenses will be refunded ONLY if your receipts are signed by the person in charge of funding.


During their first year, PhD students arerequiredto attend the Course’s teaching and seminar programme. At the beginning of their first year, PhD students will be assigned a supervisor, who will come to an agreement with the student on the research topic. PhD students must refer to their supervisor with regard to courses, seminars, conferences, stays abroad and everything else concerning their research activity.
In subsequent years as the focus becomes more specialised, PhD students will come to an agreement with the supervisor on their research activity.
At the beginning of each year, each Course will post a list of the courses and seminars that will be held.
At the end of each year, PhD students must, at the request of the secretary, submit a detailed report on the activities they have carried out.



For further information, please contact the secretary’s office
For the Course in Animal and Food Science – Rosalba Moro 049 8272617
For the Course in Crop Science – Arcangela Tono 049 8272835