The PhD

The PhD in Crop Science has started its activity as a Doctorate School in the year 2004, resulting from the merging of three pre-existing doctoral courses (Agricultural biotechnology, Environmental Agronomy, Plant protection). The PhD course is still based on the three former courses, with a general coordination and common teaching, mainly related to basic subjects in the first year of activity. In the second and third year, the teaching consists of courses and seminars specific to each of the three main sections named above. The PhD course in Crop Science offers a comprehensive education in crop genetics, agronomy and crop production, plant protection and microbiological aspects related to crop production. The course offers very good working conditions in a challenging environment for talented researchers in the best academic research institution in Italy. Students choose their field of interest under the supervision of one or more professors. Courses are designed to provide advanced tools on applied biostatistic, risk and security in the research activities, scientific communication, literature research and data resources. Strong cooperation between Italian and European organizations of producers, private companies, and public institutions allow combined research activities, seminars and periods of internship. Internships abroad are highly recommended. The post-graduate course in Crop Science offers one of the best PhD degree courses in Italy. The University of Padova is, in fact, ranked first in Italy for the research quality in agriculture and animal rearing.