2nd Padova-Sydney Conference

Following the first conference, held in Sydney on September 2015, the Dept. of Land Environment Agriculture and Forestry (TESAF) and Dept. of Agronomy, Food, Natural Resources, Animals & Environment (DAFNAE) have jointly organized the second conference, which will be held in Padova, on September 25–29th, 2016. The conference will be embedded in two events organized by University of Padova: “University of Padova meets University of Sydney“, which is to be organized by the VC for International Relations (prof. Alessandro Paccagnella) of the University of Padova, and “Padova Nova“, which is to be organized by the VC for Transfer Technology (prof. Fabrizio Dughiero).

The theme of the second Padova-Sydney conference is “Environment, Sustainable Agriculture and Forest Management“. Following the structure of the first event (see the pictures above, taken during the 2015 conference), the conference is arranged specifically to provide both (a) a window into research at Padova and at Sydney for public institutions and the general audience, and (b) a high level forum for scientific discussions on key topics.

Registration to the conference and workshops is strongly suggested:

Conference: http://www.dafnae.unipd.it/padova-sydney-conference-registration

Workshop: http://www.dafnae.unipd.it/workshop-registration

Further information can be found at http://www.dafnae.unipd.it/en/international-area/meetings/padova-sydney-conference